Peters, a supporter of former Republican President Donald Trump, was a proponent of his false assertion of widespread election fraud during the 2020 campaign. Many of Trump's supporters have made unsubstantiated claims that voting equipment and software may have been used to carry out at least some of the alleged fraud.

DENVER, March 9 (Reuters) - A Colorado grand jury has indicted a Republican county clerk and her deputy on multiple felony counts related to an election security breach in her office after voting equipment passwords were posted on a right-wing blog, authorities said on Wednesday.

The pair "devised and executed a deceptive scheme which was designed to influence public servants, breach security protocols, exceed permissible access to voting equipment, and set in motion the eventual distribution of confidential information to unauthorized people," the indictment said.

She hasn't stipulated whether her son himself has undergone the treatment, but previously spoke of paying to change the gender marker on his birth certificate, and her support for such hormone treatments.  Briggle, who has blogged prolifically about her son's transition, has said she supports the kind of hormone treatment Governor Greg Abbott wants to ban.

'He sits at the table, breaks bread with my children, with my family, in my loving, nonviolent, drug-free, safe and stable home, and then says that families like mine should not exist,' Briggle told the news outlet.

Briggle has also discussed attending the GENECSIS clinic for transgender people in the Dallas-Forth Worth area with her son, but did not detail any specific treatments he'd had. In 2016, the Briggles invited Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton to dinner in the wake of a proposed bathroom bill that would have banned trans people using the restroom corresponding to their gender identity.

The regulator also later said that it wrote a letter to Alphabet Inc., Google and YouTube's parent company, seeking the removal of all restrictions imposed on state media outlets such as RBC, TV Zvezda and Sputnik.

Tina Peters, 66, who is the top election official in Mesa County in her role as clerk and recorder, faces a total of 10 criminal charges, including conspiracy, criminal impersonation and identity theft, court documents show.

If you enjoyed this information and you would such as to receive even more info relating to how to deal with child panic attacks kindly see the web-page. Briggle says she and her husband, Adam, have advocated for their trans son since he came out to them at age four. Abbott's proposed investigation hit a snag last week after a lawsuit filed in Austin saw a district court judge order a temporary halt to the probes on behalf of the family of a transgender girl anonymized as Mary Doe.

This comes on the thirteenth day of Russia's invasion, as civilians in the besieged port of Mariupol in southeast Ukraine are anxiously waiting for news of evacuation efforts as they struggle to survive in a city where bodies have been left uncollected on the streets.

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Paxton last month issued an opinion declaring that 'gender-transitioning procedures,' such as puberty-blocking drugs, are child abuse under existing Texas law In 2016, the family even hosted Attorney General Ken Paxton for dinner (pictured) to discussed proposed transgender bathroom legislation.

Amber Briggle says she and her husband are under investigation for child abuse after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered family protective services to investigate reports of gender-transitioning procedures (Amber is pictured with her trans son, 14, on Monday, March 7)

One of Briggles' attempts to help raise awareness for their son included hosting Paxton for dinner at their home after a judge sided with Texas' request to block a federal directive for schools parents guide to you accommodate the bathroom choices of transgender students.